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                    Analysis of the status of threshers in China
                    release:2016-12-09 13:52:51  Views:

                           Affected by the downturn of the world economy, although the machinery industry is under great pressure, the agricultural machinery industry has maintained a good development trend. Today we will take a look at a simple analysis of the competitive landscape of the thresher industry in China in 2015.

                           According to the competition of the threshing machine industry, under the economic crisis, the export of the threshing machine industry has declined, and some enterprises have a high degree of dependence on foreign exports. Seeking the market in China has become a major development channel for the construction machinery industry. The upward trend is like breaking bamboo, and there are obvious signs of recovery.

                           With the rapid development of the level of agricultural mechanization, the continued development of the subsidy policy for purchasing machinery, and the new changes in the agricultural machinery market, agricultural machinery produced in Hunan is facing huge opportunities and challenges. In fact, as a traditional agricultural province in China, the Hunan thresher industry has been at the leading domestic level for a long time. Diesel engines, agricultural vehicles, tractors, rice transplanters, tillers, and harvesters still have considerable influence today. , Laid a good foundation for the sustainable development of agricultural machinery industry in Hunan Province.

                           The agricultural machinery industry has a strong foundation. The agricultural machinery industry has a huge effect on the development of the national economy, especially on the development of agriculture and rural economy. The data show that the 20 projects rated by the international engineering and technology community in the 20th century have the greatest impact on human social life. Among the technological achievements, agricultural machinery ranks seventh, while the agricultural output increase and rural economic development of China's statistics, the contribution rate of agricultural machinery ranks fourth. Hunan is a traditional large agricultural province. The population of the agricultural machinery industry accounts for 5.2% of the country's cultivated land area and 4.1% of the country. The rice planting area reaches 62 million acres, with an annual output of more than 28 million tons. , Other cash crops, animal husbandry, fishery, etc. occupy a relatively important position in the country, which determines that agricultural machinery should have a very broad development and application prospect in Hunan.

                           There are many types of thresher products, but the leading products are relatively concentrated, mainly small machinery. Hunan's agricultural machinery products are relatively rich in categories and varieties, mainly including tractors and power machinery, cultivating machinery, planting machinery, harvesting machinery, agricultural transportation machinery, drainage and irrigation machinery, farmland infrastructure construction machinery, and spare parts and supporting machinery for various types of machinery. Wait. Specific products cover nearly a hundred varieties and hundreds of models, such as rice combine harvesters, diesel engines, tillers, tractors, modified tractors and agricultural transport vehicles, water pumps, dredging boats, combined rice machines, corn threshers, shredders , Refiner, dough pressing machine, rice transplanter, dryer, citrus waxing and sorting machine, commercial rice milling machine, oil pressing machine, storage machine, conveying machine, generator set, small motor and so on.

                           According to the market survey and analysis report of the thresher industry, the agricultural machinery industry has a good foundation. As a traditional agricultural province in China, Hunan's agricultural machinery industry has been at the leading level in the country for a long time. Diesel engines, agricultural vehicles, tractors, rice transplanters, tillers, harvesters, etc. still have considerable influence today. The sustainable development of the agricultural machinery industry has laid a good foundation. Moreover, Hunan's industrial categories are relatively complete. In recent years, the electromechanical industry has developed rapidly, and the level of industrial equipment and manufacturing capabilities have continued to increase, which has played a positive role in supporting and promoting the faster and better development of Hunan's agricultural machinery industry.

                           With the market demand and changes, the threshing machine industry's engineering machinery operating technology needs to increase, the construction machinery wireless control system has become popular, and the industrial wireless remote control will also become a major control supporting product in the construction machinery industry.


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