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                    Submersible sewage pump manufacturers tell you how to install submersible sewage pumps
                    release2016-12-09 13:54:01  Views

                           The submersible sewage pump adopts a unique single-channel impeller. The moving seal adopts two sets of hard alloy mechanical seals of special materials. The motor is separated by an oil chamber. Therefore, it has the characteristics of no blockage, high efficiency, and significant energy saving. New products. The submersible sewage pump is made by integrating the pump and the motor. The installation method is similar to that of other types of water pumps. Before installation, you need to check whether the cable is damaged or broken. If there is damage, replace it in time to avoid leakage, and the cable cross section and current should match.

                           The submersible sewage pump includes two installation methods: mobile installation and fixed installation. Mobile installation is relatively simple. Generally, the pump is placed in a pool, and the outlet of the pump is connected with a hose. The fixed installation is slightly more complicated. Generally, it includes the pouring of the foundation, the installation of the guide rail, the installation of the submersible sewage pump, and the pipeline. installation.

                           First, the foundation of the pump base is cast. After knowing the size of the pump base, a sufficiently large foundation is poured in accordance with the corresponding size, and the height of the foundation is such that the suction port of the submersible sewage pump cannot be submerged under the sludge.

                           The second step is the installation of the submersible sewage pump guide rail. First lift the pump body and slowly lower it to the foundation of the unit. The bolt holes on the pump base are directly opposite the anchor bolts embedded in the foundation. After the pump base is leveled with a level ruler, tighten the anchor bolts. The bottom of the guide rod and the pump base are connected by threads, bolts or plug-in type, and the top is connected with the support frame. The support frame and the guide rod are usually made of carbon steel pipe, stainless steel or galvanized steel pipe.

                           The third step is the installation of the pump body. Lift the pump body and place the coupling device (coupling device, submersible pump and motor are usually made into a complete set of equipment) into the guide rod, and slowly lower the pump body along the guide rod until the coupling device is in phase with the outlet pipe on the pump base. Connection, the water outlet pipe of the pump coincides with the inlet of the outlet pipe.

                           The fourth step is the installation of outlet pipes and accessories. The outlet pipe of the water pump is connected to the outlet pipe by a flange, and other accessories on the outlet pipe are connected by a flange, such as a gate valve, an expansion joint and a check valve.

                           The fixed installation method is generally used to install a relatively large pump, because the pump body is inconvenient during maintenance, so the pool must be drained before the pump body can be pulled up for maintenance, which is very inconvenient. After the guide rail is installed, when the pump needs to be repaired, the guide rail can be used to pull up the pump in the pool for maintenance, and the pump can be used after maintenance, which greatly improves the efficiency.

                           Installation Precautions:

                           1. When the voltage exceeds 10% or less than the rated voltage, the submersible pump must not be started.

                           2. When the submersible sewage pump is submerged in water, it should be hoisted vertically, and it is not allowed to be placed horizontally, let alone sink into the sludge.

                           3. Never use the cable as a hoisting rope.

                           4. Check the running direction of the pump. It should be clockwise when viewed from the top.

                           5. When moving the electric pump, the power must be cut off. The pump must not contact the water source during operation to prevent accidents due to leakage.

                           6. The submersible sewage pump should be managed by a special person when it is running. If any abnormal phenomenon is found, it should be shut down immediately to check and troubleshoot.


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