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                    Reasons for sewage pumps to easily block the domestic sewage
                    release2016-12-09 14:06:34  Views

                           At present, the common sewage pumps on the market are basically non-blocking sewage pumps. Common sewage pumps include self-priming pump sewage pumps, pipeline pump sewage pumps, submersible sewage pumps, etc. Are these sewage pumps all truly non-blocking? There are often users who use sewage pumps to treat sewage in the sewage tank, which is easy to be blocked by debris and cause the motor to burn. This situation causes users a headache. So how can we solve this problem?

                           First of all, we need to find out the common debris that can easily block the sewage pump. Domestic sewage often contains the following impurities:

                           1. Convenience bags in hotels, guesthouses, and kitchens;

                           2. Hair and convenient bags;

                           3. Woven bags, braided ropes, and plastic bags in puddles.

                           4. Fibrous materials such as sanitary napkins in septic tanks;

                           To sum up, there are still non-fragile substances in these domestic sewage, and it is these soft fibrous substances that cause the sewage pump to block, which is why the sewage pump is easy to block the sewage. And we often say that the sewage pump can only pump some mud or water mixture with sand or small particles, so only the crushing of the above-mentioned soft fibrous matter and then pumping out sewage can be called an unblocked sewage pump.

                           Therefore, if the sewage pump we choose is used to treat domestic sewage, a submersible reamer pump can be selected. This pump can crush the fibrous material first, and then extract the liquid.


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