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                    Chemical pump
                    Chemical pump

                           According to the different chemical pump materials, its application areas are classified as follows:

                           1) Chemical pumps (stainless steel) are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, synthetic fiber, pharmaceutical, food, synthetic fiber and other departments to transport alkaline corrosive media;

                           2) Chemical pump (fluorine plastic material) is used to transport any acidic and alkaline corrosive media;

                           3) Chemical pump (cast iron material) is used for industrial, urban water supply and drainage, and can also be used for irrigation and drainage of farmland and orchards. It is used to transport clear water or other liquids with similar physical and chemical properties to clear water.

                    According to the different uses of chemical pumps, their classification is introduced in detail:

                           1) Process pump: including feed pump, return pump, circulation pump, flushing pump, sewage pump, make-up pump, output pump, etc.

                           2) Public works pumps: including boiler pumps, cooling water tower pumps, fire fighting pumps, water source deep well pumps, etc.

                           3) Auxiliary pumps: including lubricating oil pumps, sealed oil pumps, hydraulic transmission pumps, etc.

                           4) Pipeline pumps: pumps for oil pipelines, pumps for trucks, etc.

                    Classification according to working principle and structure:

                           1) Vane pump: When the shaft of the pump is driven, various impeller blades are used to give the liquid centrifugal or axial force to the liquid and transport the liquid to the pipeline or container, such as centrifugal pump, vortex pump, mixed flow pump, axial flow pump.

                           2) Positive displacement pump: a pump that uses a continuous change in the volume of the pump cylinder to convey liquid, such as a reciprocating pump, a piston pump, a gear pump, and a screw pump.

                           3) Other types of pumps: There are electromagnetic pumps that use electromagnetic energy to transport liquid electrical conductors; pumps that use fluid energy to transport liquids, such as jet pumps, air lifters, etc.

                    Classified by conveying medium:

                           1) Water pump: Including clean water pump, boiler feed pump, condensate pump, hot water pump.

                           2) Corrosion-resistant pumps: including stainless steel pumps, high-silicon cast iron pumps, ceramic acid-resistant pumps, impervious graphite pumps, hard rubber-lined pumps, rigid polyvinyl chloride pumps, canned motor pumps, diaphragm pumps, titanium pumps, etc.

                           3) Impurity pump: including slurry pump, sand pump, sewage pump, pulverized coal pump, ash and slag pump, etc.

                           4) Oil pump: cold oil pump, hot oil pump, submersible oil pump, slurry pump, liquid hydrocarbon pump, etc.

                            Classified by conditions of use:

                            1) High-flow and micro-flow pumps: the flow rates are 300m&sup3;/min and 0.O1L/min;

                            2) High temperature pump and low temperature pump: high temperature up to 500 ℃, low temperature to a Z53 ℃;

                            3) High pressure pump and low pressure pump: high pressure up to 200MPa, vacuum degree is 2.66--10.66kPa (20-80mmHg);

                            4) High-speed pump and low-speed pump: high speed of 24000r / min, low speed of 5-10r / min;

                            5) Metering pump: The metering accuracy of the flow is ± 0.003;

                            6) High-viscosity pump: viscosity of several thousand Pas (Pa · s).




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