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                    Characteristics selection of vertical pipeline sewage pump
                    release2019-09-25 09:42:03  Views

                           Product features of vertical pipeline sewage pump:

                           1. The pump is a vertical single-suction single-stage centrifugal sewage pump. The inlet and outlet lines are on the same horizontal line, and the inlet and outlet flanges are the same. Therefore, it is very convenient to install and disassemble.

                           2. The pump and the motor are directly connected to the same axis, which is an electromechanical integrated product. It has a compact structure and stable performance.

                           3 It adopts the design of large-flow anti-blocking hydraulic components, which greatly improves the ability of dirt to pass through. It can effectively pass 5 times the fiber diameter of the pump and the solid particles with a saliva diameter of about 50% of the pump diameter.

                           4 Reasonable design, reasonable supporting motor, high efficiency, and significant energy saving effect.

                           5. The mechanical seal adopts hard wear-resistant tungsten carbide, which is durable and wear-resistant, and can make the pump run continuously for more than 8000 hours.

                           6. Advanced hydraulic performance, high machine efficiency and low running noise.

                           7. A protective cover is added to the wind blade end of the motor, and the whole machine can be placed outdoors to work without a machine room, which can save a lot of infrastructure costs.

                           8. Use within the range of the used head to ensure that the motor is not overloaded.

                           Pipeline non-clogging sewage pump is suitable for the discharge of severely polluted wastewater from factories, sewage discharge stations in residential areas, drainage systems of urban sewage treatment plants, drainage systems of civil air defense systems, water supply equipment of waterworks, sewage discharge of hospitals and hotels, municipal engineering Construction site, exploration, mining auxiliary equipment, rural biogas ponds, farmland irrigation and other industries. Conveyor belts of sewage and dirt particles can also be used for clean water and weak corrosive media.


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