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                    Installation process of tank fittings
                    release2019-09-25 09:49:23  Views

                           The grooved pipe fittings should be installed in accordance with the principle of first installing large diameter, main pipe, riser, and later installing small diameter and branch pipe. During the installation process, they must be installed continuously in order to avoid connection difficulties between pipeline sections and sections. The working conditions affect the overall performance of the pipeline.

                           The steel pipe can be fixed on the support and hanger, and the rubber sealing ring is sleeved on one end of the steel pipe; then the steel pipe coated with lubricant around the other end portion is inserted into the rubber sealing ring, and the rubber sealing ring is rotated so that it is in a sanitary position. The middle part of the pipe fitting interface; install the upper and lower clamps on the outside of the rubber seal ring, and send the convex edge of the clamp into the groove, and press the upper and lower stainless steel clamp ears firmly. At the position of the clamp screw holes, bolts and rotate evenly. Tighten the nut, and use a wooden hammer to hit the clamp during the nut tightening process to ensure that the rubber sealing ring will not wrinkle. The convex edge of the clamp must be clamped into the groove on the entire circumference; additional support must be added to the pipe within 500mm of the rigid clamp joint. After the installation of the system pressure test pipeline, the system pressure test should be performed.

                           Before the system pressure test, check all installation parts, fixing brackets, etc. in place. The installed pipe may have sagging. If the sagging radian is large, a bracket can be added; if the radian is small, the radian will disappear naturally when the pressure in the pipe rises.


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