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                    Difference between clean water pump and sewage pump
                    release2019-09-26 09:02:06  Views

                           Usually when we choose a pump, we have to figure out what the nature of the pumped liquid is, some is clean water, some is sewage, some is thick slurry, some is corrosive liquid, etc. Today we will analyze what is the difference between a clean water pump and a sewage pump.

                           The clean water pump is used for conveying clean water and other liquids with similar physical and chemical properties to clear water. Cyclic pressurization of cold and warm water for irrigation, bathroom and other equipment.

                           The clean water pump is a motor and a water pump connected together, and the fulcrum bearing of the motor rotor is also a water pump bearing. The rigid power transmission causes the water pump impeller to rotate and work as a pressure reducing valve. There is only a 0.10-0.22 mm gap between the water pump impeller and the vortex casing. Debris and sand particles can easily jam the impeller, making the motor rotor unable to rotate and malfunctioning. From the analysis of repairing the pump failure, the percentage of damaged motors due to the impeller stuck is over 80%.

                           When the power switch is turned off, if it is found that the motor does not rotate, the power should be turned off in time. When the motor is working, a rotating magnetic field is generated by inductance, and the motor will not be damaged in a short time. You can use a screwdriver to remove the back cover of the motor, and turn the fan blades left and right by hand until you can flexibly replace the back cover and then turn on the power. The sewage pump also has its own structural characteristics. The lift of the sewage pump is not high. Because there is more debris in the sewage, the gap between the impellers is larger than that of the clean water pump. Sewage pumps are prone to failure and are similar to general centrifugal pumps, because the pumps wear water quickly, so the impeller wears quickly.

                           The sewage pump belongs to the scope of centrifugal pumps, and its structure and principle are the same as general centrifugal pumps. The efficiency of sewage pumps and pumps with special requirements cannot exceed the efficiency of clean water pumps in the same period.

                           The main reason that sewage pumps and efficiency are lower than clean water pumps is that their overcurrent channels are widened. The value of the decrease in efficiency is mainly related to the degree of widening. Sewage pump runners are widened to prevent blockages.

                           The impeller of the sewage pump is simpler than the clean water pump and has no retaining ring, so it will not be used as dirty grass. There is also a sawtooth blade under the impeller, which can be adjusted up and down, and can shred the thread and cloth pieces and pull out.


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