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                    The reason why the self-priming pump flow is getting smaller and smaller
                    release2019-09-26 09:03:05  Views

                           After using the self-priming pump for a period of time, the flow rate of the pump decreases. Without changing the pipe diameter and the pump parameters, what are the main reasons for this problem.

                            1. The water pump is blocked. This is a more common reason, because the inlet or outlet of the pump is blocked, the flow of the pump will definitely decrease as expected, and the pump should be turned on to clear the blockage.

                            2. The machine seal is leaking. This is very simple and easy to find, because the mechanical seal leaks water, you can see it in the appearance, you need to replace the new mechanical seal.

                            3. Air leakage in the pipeline. If the inlet pipe of the pump does not completely exhaust the air, cavitation will occur, which will seriously affect the flow of the pump.

                            4. The check valve at the inlet of the self-priming pump is damaged, and the rubber ring of the check valve is blocking the pump. Because the check valve of the self-priming pump is made of rubber and is a wearing part, when the long-term work is performed, the check valve will definitely be damaged. Clog the pump.


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